I found myself with some free time a few weeks back, which gave me the chance to visit Haley. Super easy to contact and was in the door shortly after. She is a curvy gal. With incredible implants. Warm embrace at the door, then upstairs for some very affectionate kisses. Which I love. She is skilled and extremely friendly. Also important to me. She genuinely has a good time. Her tattoos and three below the belt piercings surprised me. But all good. Enthuastic cbj, daty, 69, she is beautiful in missionary. Which is where I ended. Laying with her chatting while she stroked my hair and back!

Repeat for sure!


Well after a number of fialed attempts (not at all Haley's fault) to get together, I was finally able to see Haley. I had a great time, left fully satisfied and needed a nap. I will repeat and likely sooner than later because I cannot stop thinking about our next encounter. I am not very eloquent with words so for fear of say9ing something that will be taken out of context I will leave it at that.

If you want some specifics you can pm me.



Great lady.

I have seen Haley a few times over the years and she is always classy.Tries to meet all your wishes, not a clock watcher. I think she is a very low volume provider who makes every effort to provide an exceptional service.

Haley has a great body but is not a spinner. If you have any questions just phone her as she is very open regarding questions you have.


I spent some time with the lovely lady myself about a week ago. She was absolutely amazing. A little curvy but wares it well. She definitely knows exactly how to please a man. Also amazingly clean incall. She does mention she has some small dogs although I did hear them when I came in...there wasnt any smell of dogs in her place. Would highly recommend Haley and will be repeating for sure.


Lady V, Lalani, Haley, Pretty Priya and Cassidy Sinns are all classy ladies here in the Hub City in my experience.


While there are those to be avoided in Nanaimo I have never had any problem finding someone who is great to have a little fun with. There is the lovely Cassidy, all those lovely ladies at BOA, Lalani, Stella, RTM, Noi's, Marie, Lady Vanessa, Pretty Priya and lets not forget the lovely Haley. There are far more than those listed here but I'm worn out just thinking about them. So many lovelies so few $$.


Haley is back, and i'm glad she is. I saw an ad recently on BP that said Haley is back. I had heard good things about her and that she had to leave the business for a while. After an initial inquiry I confirmed that she was in fact one in the same so set up a session with her, and I was not disappointed! A buxom, curvy blonde that is bubbly, fun and full of life is how I would describe her. Very soon I was at ease with her and after I mentioned to her that I was a visual person and a big tit fan, she suggested what might work best for me and omfg she was right! If you are looking for a woman who enjoys what she does, is good at reading your desires and is fun to be with, then check her out if you haven't already. Welcome back Haley!


Saw her the other day myself and wow, what a great session!! Super nice lady that loves to please. Everything covered, but she makes it feel like a true GFE. Highly recommend to anyone, go treat yourself to a little fun!!


Haley is a sweetie pie! I'm glad she is back.


So glad she is back. Damn fine looking woman that really knows how to make you feel special. Definitely one of Nanaimo's treasures.


Saw Haley a couple of years ago and she was great. She really works hard to ensure you get what you are looking for and oh those boys toys.


Haley is the curvy blonde in Lalanis pics. If you only view gallery on backpages you won't find her. She doesn't post photos. She should be back to work by now. :-)

Fun to be had there! Curvy busty(implAnts) and totally sweet.


I have not met Haley yet, but she definitely highly recommended by many people. Including other ladies. Which must say something.


Yes, Haley is a fun girl for sure.


I saw Haley a couple of years ago and thought she was just great. I would love to see here regularly but find she is a little above my price league.

IMHO Haley was very classy and fun.


Repeatedly you see only about six names on this site that garner praise and safe recommendations from virtually all the members who have seen them. (Miss Knickers, Haley, Hot Lips, Allie, Lalani Electrica and Miss Lady Vanessa)


I have seen Haley prob. 6 times all very good ! good job Haley


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    Duo with Hailey and Ms Knickers

    The bad none
    The good it was awesome
    And they do not clock watch so the price is lower per se

    No details as both ladies are well known and well reviewed,
    Together ..... did I die and go to heaven
    repeat rinse and do it again!
    Yes! Absolutely
    And both are awesome individually.

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    I totally Agree. This duo is a blast.

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    They are also open to MMF and MMMf and maybe more if you ask nicely.