DIGITS....let's discuss this whole "fingers in pussy thing", (for a lack of a better way to put it), lol. Many men are just simply WAY too rough....vigorously shoving your fingers in and out of my pussy does nothing for me and neither does shoving them in too deep!!!! So if you are trying to get me wet then use your tongue or lube PLEASE. And if you are just getting super turned on and getting a little carried away, please just get your cock in there instead, lol, it feels WAY better!! (and I’m sure it does for you as well) .... So, I will still allow digits but PLEASE ONLY if you are gentle and AT MOST 2 fingers. Anything more is honestly just uncomfortable and very VERY unnecessary.NO anal of any kind. This also means NO fingers. And please don’t ask me to do this because I do not enjoy it and if I am not having fun then how are you supposed to be having fun. Right! Also NO bbbj or bbfs. Protection is a MUST. PLEASE do not ask me to jeopardize my health or yours. I am here to have fun with you and so we can enjoy each other and the only way to do that is to know we are safe.

I understand some of you like to use spit to get my pussy wetter, which is fine. However please do NOT just spit a big wad of spit directly onto my pussy! It honestly feels disgusting and ruins the mood for me. I don’t mind if you get your fingers wet with your mouth and then put it to my pussy.that is fine. Lol

Basically my rules broken down are.....

1-Safety First
2-NO bbfs
3-NO bbbj
4-NO greek
5-Gentle with your fingers (2 AT MOST)
6-Don’t spit directly on my pussy

Aside from that I am super easy going and just want to have fun with you!