Just some friendly reminders and/or suggestions that help make everything even more enjoyable :)


I ask that you please put your payment (donation) on the dresser or hand it to me at the BEGINNING of our session so that we can get that out of the way and get to the really fun stuff:) And that way we also don’t forget because that gets awkward, Lol. (believe me I will do everything I can to make you comfortable.) Okay.


(or any of the medications for helping to enhance the erection)

Obviously I have no problems whatsoever if you want to or need to take one of those before our playtime. I just have a suggestion is all...please try it for the first time on a night that we are not getting ogether. to see how you and your body reacts to it has been brought to my attention that it can affect you in some very unpleasant ways. It can make you sick to your stomach aka nauseous and/or a “cramping” stomach. Neither of which is going to be fun for playtime. So save us both an awkward situation and just take a day and pop that pill and see what happens in the comfort of your own home first.


Just because I have pierced nipples and pussy does NOT mean I like pain in those areas. nor do I like it when people bite, pinch,tug and pull on them, so please just be gentle with these areas. Believe me, you will get a much better response, lol.


Please be clean. I will ALWAYS be fresh for each of you and it is greatly appreciated when you are as well. I understand many of you may be coming from work etc, so by all means you are more than welcome to use my shower if need be. Please don’t be shy to ask, ok. Also when showering ...(and I’m in no way trying to be rude here at all) But please, PLEASE pay special attention to the areas just behind the balls. Believe me a little effort on your part goes a LONG way with me. And trust me when I say a warm wet tongue feels great there so....hint

Speaking of hygiene etc. I will always have mouthwash and baby-wipes (man-wipes) available in the washroom for your convenience.


Please do your best to be on time and if you can’t, please just be respectful and let me know. If you arrive early just send me a msg. to let me know you are here and I will let you know if I am ready for you. If you arrive too late it may result in a shorter playtime in order to keep everyone's appointments on time. It just depends on how that particular days schedule is. I do leave more than enough time in between everyone so that I have time to shower, relax a bit or do whatever it is I need to do. But if one person is 20 min late and another 15 min early before you know it things are overlapping and that is no good for anyone!! So it is important to be as close to your scheduled time as possible and if you can not just let me know asap and I will do my best to accommodate any way i can.


If you can’t make it please just be respectful and let me know as soon as you can. I take a lot of pride in getting ready for you and all I ask is that you send a quick msg. saying you need to cancel. It is greatly appreciated! :)

There will be NO cancellation fee or anything of the sort, and I will not have any hard feelings towards you. Like I have mentioned before, I know life can get in the way of these fun things sometimes. No need to worry, just let me know. Ok :) However if you just “NO SHOW” me without cancelling there will be an extra fee the next time you try to book.

For anyone who has booked and said you were coming and then do not let me know that you need to cancel there will be a $100 fee if you try to re-book with me at another date. Then if you show up for that 2nd date and that session goes smoothly etc. then from that point on your rate will go back to the normal rates, ok:)  I do hope you understand! However if you no show me a 2nd time you will NOT be allowed to book again. I am really sorry but it only takes 5 seconds to send me a msg saying you can not make it, right!  And that is ALL I ask of you. It is really just all about RESPECT!  :)  


I live a very clean life-style and at NO time are you to bring any kind of drugs into my home as that will get you blacklisted from being able to see me again.  Also if you show up really high or drunk I will politely ask you to reschedule our time together. Please don't take offence, it's just I believe it's a lot more fun when we are both at our best, know what I mean:).

Thank you so soooo much for taking the time to read this. I know it was a lot but I think it is all important and relevant as well as helps you to feel more at ease by getting to know more about me, right:) . 

I really look forward to meeting you and having a lot of fun together!!!!!

soooooo…...CUM PLAY WITH ME AND LET ME PLAY WITH YOU!!!!!   (hehe)