My Email address

On this page you will find any information to do with contacting me and/or anything regarding booking me



Please email me at for any questions, bookings, uncensored photos etc. Once I have met you I will be more than willing to give you my phone number at the end of our session together and from that point on you may contact me by phone, text or email (whatever works best for you)


If you have called or texted me and I get to it within 5-15min I will get back to you, but if it has been any longer I probably will not.....NOT because I do not want to. Its just me, trying to be discrete for you. Many things can change on your end in that time. So if it is ok for me to get back to you for longer than that then please just let me know for HOW long. Also if you would rather I NOT get back to you also just say so :)


Once you have booked a day and time I will then ask you to message me about an hour before your booked time to confirm you are still able to make it. (or to let me know you have to cancel) I do this for a few reasons...

1-Many things can happen unexpectedly in life so it is nice to just check in to make sure things are still good on both your end as well as mine.

2-It prevents me from getting all ready for someone and then sitting around waiting for a no show simply because they have forgotten or lost track of time etc.

3-If this is your first time with me this will also be when I give you my address and any final notes.

Even if you have already seen me I will still ask you to send me that confirming email because without it I will assume you can not make it. So it is VERY IMPORTANT to do this EVERY time you book with me.

If possible I do recommend you book as much in advance as you can (preferably the day before or even earlier) It is not mandatory at all, it is just that much of the time it helps to make things run a little smoother and heightens the chance of you getting the day and time you want. Also many times I get very busy and it takes me a bit to get back to your email or call. But I do my very best to get back to everyone as quickly as I can so please be patient with me:)