Here you will find out just what to expect when you cum (hehe) to see me. :) Everything from what I offer, to location, parking etc.


During these crazy times with the covid-19 some of my options available have changed and or doing a bit differently in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. So until this crisis has passed us by, I will be offering some ONLINE options for those of you who can’t or do not wish to leave your homes.

Lets call it the “VIRTUAL-GIRLFRIEND” experience, haha.

SEXTING - $25 (we text back n forth naughty things) until you cumm!

PHONE SEX - $50 (we talk and mutually masturbate over the phone)

CLOSE-UP MASTURBATION VIDS - $75. I record a close up vid of me masturbating then send it to you and you get to keep it. MUST HAVE A DROPBOX ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO RECEIVE VIDEOS.

And until this covid crisis is over for anyone coming into my home there will be some things expected of you in order to keep me and my home safe (it’s not only for my best interest but all of yours as well). I have everything you will need.

When you arrive I will take your temperature. It doesn't need to touch you. I will ask you to sanitize your hands (so that your hands are clean to touch the taps etc in the washroom) then I will send you to the shower and ask you to use mouthwash (so that your body and mouth will be clean). I will give you a robe to wear upstairs at which time the fun activities can begin.

If you are not willing to do these things upon arrival then please do not bother booking with me, thanks. :)

This is all about EVERYONE’S safety and we all need to work together!!!!!



Ps. PLEASE if you have been sick in ANY way or around someone who was then please do NOT book with me. (or any of us ladies)

Also, when you arrive, if I feel that you are unwell, I will kindly ask you to reschedule for a later date! I do hope you understand.


I genuinely WANT to help you explore your deepest fantasies! Maybe you don’t even know what they fully consist of yet….but that is ok, let's find out together and start ticking off those things on your bucket list!!! You know, the things that perhaps until now you only ever thought would remain a fantasy or a dream. I was fortunate enough to have met a man many years ago who allowed me to explore a lot of my own sexual desires and fantasies and in fact brought me out of my own inhibitions. It was unbelievable how open I could be and how free I felt!! I loved every minute of it! And the comfort I now have surrounding sex, my own sexuality, intimacy, my body(and others), nudity(mine as well as others) and well, really everything to do with sex is incredible!!! I then wanted to be able to do exactly that for others!!!! Give them the gift I had just been given…..and be able to help others find that same comfort. ...because then, and only then can one really experience true intimacy. Believe it or not I used to be very VERY shy. And...well, not so much these days, lol:) Bottom line is…..if I had not had that experience with him and been given the freedom to just explore and play and try new things without judgement in any way I would not be who I am today. And i would have missed out on a LOT of fun, lol! So start thinking and delving into your mind on things you may want to try, explore, ect. And if it is something I have never done before I will either research it, learn with you, or direct you to someone whom I feel could fulfill it for you (entirely up to you to make that decision)....could be pretty fun and interesting though to have two people trying something entirely new to them both for the first time...haha…. So please open up and express your deepest fantasies to me and let's see if together we can bring them to life for you!!! Let's start working on those “bucket lists”!!!! :)

Cum explore with me!!!!! And, well if you really do just like good ol plain sex and that’s all, I am ok with that too, lol. I just Love it all really:) So regardless what we are doing, believe me when I say “I am having fun!!!! Because I TRULY AM!!!!ay “I am having fun!!!!" Because I TRULY AM!!!!


I’m located not far from Bowen Rd. and my place is quiet, clean and fairly discrete. I do have neighbors, though they keep to themselves as do I. I have been here 6 years now and have never had a single problem.


I offer full service, GFE, COB, DFK, CBJ, DATY, DATO (pending good hygiene of course), Russian, MSOG (try to let me know at the beginning so that I kind of know, to some degree, what pace to go. If you know what I mean :) )

MMF, FFM, MMMF, Duos, Couples. Woman on their own also welcome, many kinds of massage for example... hot rock/full body/acupressure/4-hand/reverse(you get to massage me etc., (I have a professional massage table etc.), edging, man-scaping (shaving your balls etc), strip teases (with a stripper pole), lap-dances, face-riding dildo, ice-cube B.J’s and other ice cube fun. Baby/mommy role play.

I also offer prostate-play, toy-play (both male and female toys), strap-on play, ice-cube fun and some roleplay (if it is not something i am comfortable doing then I will do my best to direct you to someone who could play that role for you), If you have a foot and/or shoe fetish, I have TONS of sexy footwear! I also have tons of different outfits including some theme stuff to wear. So, please feel free to make a request about what you would like me to wear for you!!! Speaking of clothing.....that leads me to the topic of can buy my panties for $25 :)

I can also offer you some playful BDSM. Which could involve blind-folds, bondage/restraint (either partial or absolute restraint), hand-cuffs etc. There is SUCH a wide array of things I could put here (too many to list) that I know I would offer so please if there is anything you are wondering about that isn’t mentioned just feel free to ask. (And please, PLEASE do not feel embarrassed regardless of what it is, ok) Believe me, I have been asked ALL sorts of things so not to worry! I will 100% respect whatever it is that you are “in to” even if it is not my “cup of tea”. Ok. I have everything that we might need at any given time such as lube-both water based and silicone, rubbers (2 sizes), cockrings, penis pump, female condoms, dental dams, man-wipes, massage oils, finger-condoms, paddles, whips, hand-cuffs, male chastity belt, vibrators, restraints, blindfolds, warming gel/lube, bondage tape, full massage table, fetish mask, strap-on, suction-cup dildo, riding crop, wartenberg pinwheel, ball-gag, prostate massagers, penis doughnut plus so much more.


You may park anywhere that you are most comfortable including in my driveway behind my truck. I also have a more discreet parking spot just off the side street near my place at the back part of my yard.


I have a nice, clean and comfortable bedroom (play area). In the summer time it is air-conditioned and in the winter it is warm. I have soft mood music and a great ambient feel to the room.


I have NO age restrictions (well to clarify, you do have to be of LEGAL age though, lol) but what I mean is I love men of all ages. So please don't hesitate if you are a more mature age. I bring this up because i have seen some gentlemen who have mentioned that some girls have turned them away due to them being "too old" I think that's ridiculous. So please know that I both welcome and adore older men just as much as the younger men. :) :)


For any of you who might have pet allergies, I do have 1 dog and 2 cats but they do NOT go into any of the play areas. I am a NON-SMOKER


When we are done playing, I always have breath mints, a brush, a comb, a mirror, man cologne and hand sanitizer for your convenience right by the door of the play room......and of course the shower is also still available lol.